Patient Testimonials

Our family has been with this practice for many years, and the dental and health care could not have been better or more professional.  If an urgent need issue arose, we were accommodated right away.  The entire staff work together to make the patient comfortable.  Our compliments to Dr. Art and Dr. Jay and all the staff for keeping us healthy and smiling. 

 "A Pleased Patient"

Salem, S.C.

Dr. Bruce recommended that we try implants for my lower dentures which would allow them to be worn securely.  Now with confidence I can eat virtually anything I want and do not have any problems with them becoming loose while talking.  My implants have been a real game changer for me.  They are permanent and very easy to care for, and I would recommend them to anyone.

As far as I'm concerned, implants are the greatest things to come on the scene since sliced bread.

"A Happy Patient"

Anderson, S.C.


I have been a patient of Dr. Art Bruce for 30 plus years.  I recently had mini dental implants placed with an overdenture.  I have been very satisfied with the results.  Before having this done I had problems chewing my food with my dentures.  I don't have this problem now.  The recovery time was only a few days, with a minimal amount of pain. 

Dr. Bruce's staff worked diligently to remove any rough places that rubbed my gums.  I recommend this procedure to anyone.

"A Grateful Patient"

Anderson, S.C.


I seldom have to wait for my scheduled appointment.  Everyone is very professional and pleasant.  I would highly recommend this office to friends and family.

"An Appreciative Patient"

Pendleton, S.C.


The office and personnel are helpful, polite, and really treat us as if we were family.  A great practice.

"A Wonderful Patient"

Townville, S.C.